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    Oversize load


    Sovfracht provides transportation services for the oversized, heavy, dangerous cargo.

    Sovfracht specialists develop and coordinate transport and technological scheme of transportation, provide fully-formed route, arrange customs procedures, and insurance.

    What makes Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group offer to the clients unique:

    • ability to provide clients with an integrated solution, including different modes of transportation;
    • ability to invest in the long terms projects, both capex and working capital;
    • ability to mobilize sufficient personnel and capital resources within a limited timeframe;
    • availability of its in-house engineering expertise;
    • handling own fleet, warehouse complexes and terminals, rolling stock;
    • numerous regional offices, widespread agent network, which secures on the ground presence;
    • decades of experience in organizing transport service of different difficulty levels around the world;
    • extensive international experience, including cooperation with major international service providers and clients.
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