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    The 80-90s: reorganization and a new stage in development. 

    Since the middle of 1988, the reorganization of JSC ”Sovfracht” began. The number of departments was reduced from 22 to 15, the staff was reduced by almost 1/3. After the reorganization, JSC “Sovfracht” includes several functional divisions and nine specialized firms:
    «Oceanchart» – chartering of dry cargo vessels in the Atlantic and Far Eastern basins;
    «Southchart» – chartering dry cargo ships in the Southern Basin;
    «Eurochart» – chartering of ships in the North-West basin, including transportation  of timber cargoes in the Northern Basin, also refrigerated and specialized ships; 
    «Tankerchart» – chartering of ships for the carriage of bulk cargo;
    «Morpasflot» – chartering of Soviet passenger ships;
    «Timechart» – exploitation of leased foreign fleet;
    «Seaagent» – organization of agency and other services for ships abroad;0
    «Seainvest» – management and control over investments in joint ventures and subsidiaries;
    «Yurinflot» – rendering of legal services in the field of merchant shipping.

    In March 1989, the association celebrated its 60th anniversary. For the contribution to international economic cooperation, JSC "Sovfracht" was awarded the international prize "Golden Mercury". 

    In 1989, the joint-stock company “Sovmortrans” was established, the first domestic commercial company providing services in the organization of multimodal and intermodal, sea container transportations.

    By the early 1990s the number of ships of the Register of the USSR was 3013 units, the fleet of the country had a total tonnage of about 25,8 million tons, fully provided self-financing and handed over to the budget more than 1 billion rubles of profit. JSC “Sovfracht” controlled Soviet export-import cargoes and many international trade routes all over the world.

    In 1992, All-Union Association “Sovfracht”, as a result of privatization and changes in the organizational and legal framework, was transformed into an open joint stock company (subsequently, JSC), which is the legal successor of “Sovfracht”. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and privatization, “Sovfracht” changed its development concept, reducing the number of foreign companies and focusing on expanding business in Russia and the CIS, while remaining a consistent guide of state policy in transport.

    Nowadays JSC “Sovfracht” is head of the “Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group”, one of Russia's largest freight forwarding companies. The available resources allow the group to implement a comprehensive multimodal service, ensuring the delivery of cargoes "from one door to another door", fully controlling the movement of cargo at all stages of its transportation. In 2009 and 2010 The “Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group” won the rating "Logistic Operator of Russia" in the nomination "The Best National Intermodal Transport Operator". Moreover, “Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group” is consistently among top-15 companies - leaders in the market of logistics services in Russia.