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    Business ethics

    The affiliation of OJSC Sovfracht to the Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business in 2013 was a landmark decision of the company, which had been through a lot but prevailed in all crises and retained its business.

    The most important about this Charter is the wish to upgrade the business culture to the levels accepted in developed countries. Unfortunally almost every businessman or even every person in our country has encountered corruptive practices one way or another, either in the business environment or in the daily life. In 2013 th business community has heard a clear message from the government: public servants wishing to operate outside of the Civil Service Law framework will have problems. These circumstances inspired the board of Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group to accept the offer and join the Charter, especially as the company has been adhered to its principles for several years.

    Flawless execution of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the countries where the Group operates, unquestioning fulfillment of commitments, fair competition, respect for partners within business ethics, maximum attention to customer feedback, zero tolerance of corrupt practices - these are the basic principles of our work. We respect our competitors, oppose unethical forms of work, use only legal methods.

    We expect a decent attitude towards the agreed commitments on the part of our contractors. In a situation of conflict of interests Sovfracht always strives to achieve the resolution of disputes through negotiations - however extrajudicial mechanisms are not always effective.

    When our partners violate the key principles of business ethics, abusing our loyalty and when the situation reaches a critical point we have to appeal to the court practice and end up with a settlement agreement or win.