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    Transportation in the Arctic


    Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group is involved in a variety of logistics projects related to the Northern Sea Route (NSR). Sovfracht's vessels with a high ice class as well as with ice class L1 ("Silny") operate in the northern latitudes, on the NSR. Along with commercial activities Sovfracht develops support to research initiatives in the region, as a marine agent of the Russian Geographical Society.

    Sovfracht on the NSR is that the company acts as a logistic system integrator. Since The Arctic region has no sufficient port infrastructure, apart from conventional ocean freight, transport companies must ensure accumulation, sorting of cargo, provide means of discharge, discharge itself and execute further transportation to the place of destination. All this work must be performed in time, ensuring the safety of cargo in harsh weather conditions. Sovfracht implements large-scale "door to door" logistics projects to the Novosibirskiye Islands, arch. Franz Josef Land, arch. Novaya Zemlya and port Sabetta. Sometimes it involves not only transportation, but also the purchase of construction materials.

    The Arctic is becoming a global project for the humanity, and Sovfracht is ready to make a contribution in the developement and protection of the region.

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