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    Contract logistics


    Sovfracht-Sovmortrans Group's has experience in provision of full cycle logistics (3PL), for the entire supply-production-sales chain of a client on the long-term basis.

    The Group offers a full spectrum of forms of cooperation to achieve results necessary to the client:

    • enter in a long-term contracts with fixation of prices, reserving/investing in rail car fleet, vessels, trucks and other transportation assets necessary to secure the client’s volumes;
    • invest in related transportation infrastructure to enhance productivity of logistics scheme and eliminate bottlenecks (reconstruction/building of rail road spurs, loading estacades, storage capacities, warehouses, temporary terminals);
    • acquirein-house logistics divisions/companies/assets of a client, in order to minimize related expenses for the client;
    • building supply chain from "zero" to the specifications agreed with partners.

    The Group maintains long term contracts with Hyundai, JSC "Bor glass factory", LLC "Mariisky Refinery", JSC "Klin glass factory", JSC "Pilkington - Glass", Novoroscement and is keen to develop these format of services further for its other clients.

    +7 (495) 258-27-41