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    LLC «Sovfracht management company»

    Group companies

    Sovfracht Management Company is operating since 2010 in order to provide strategic and operating management of the Groups key assets.

    The Management company consolidated the following functions to:

    • Determination of strategic aims and objectives;
    • Investment research and execution of Group acquisitions/partnerships and divestitures;
    • Legal advice and communication policy;
    • Implementation of the principles of corporate governance;
    • Asset management;
    • Project management.

    It proactively partners with various financial organizations and banks, raises third party debt/equity capital to fund complex and resource-intensive projects of the Group and arranges working capital financing to fund the Group’s operating activity.

    The management company offers third parties, including banks, funds and leasing companies, its assistance with the management of distressed transportation assets, including ports, rail car fleet, etc.

    Chairman of the Board